Analyzing Greenfield: “Casting Shadows”

Greenfield’s work could be stated as realistic but I would like to place it more towards iconic. I say this because, even though the images are very realistic Greenfield uses them as iconic scenes that depict an idea. Her Idea is the reality she is trying to transpose onto her audience through the images she uses. So as far as the Big Triangle is concerned it seems to me that Greenfield’s work would land more in the lower portion between iconic and realistic. Her work encompasses the use Aspect to Aspect typology where the images have nothing to with time but more so topic and showing what we see and trying to show why that is very messed up.Her use of multimedia by incorporating music also brings in the idea of an interdependent art form in the images without the words could be meaningless and unconnected to some but, when coupled with the music the idea Greenfield is trying to express comes through much more clearly.

Now as far as Sontag’s work applies to Greenfield we can relate the following; Plato’s Cave is a good jumping off point. The image’s in Greenfield’s work are a shadow on the wall that media’s fire is placing in front of us daily. Every add, commercial, and show gives us images of what we should be striving for or attempting to be like, but the shadows they place in front of us are unrealistic and unhealthy images. Based On Plato’s Cave we need take our eyes off the shadows media is casting in front of us and walk out of the cave and into the light to see the true reality of life. Greenfield uses images as an art form in order to help us turn away from the dark and toward the light. Which brings me to images as an art form. Sontag touches on the topic of photography becoming more than a snapshot and into the realm of artwork. I think Greenfield’s work is a great example of this and brings a very powerful image to the audience. Finally, the way Greenfield shows her art through images is also important. Sontag talks about how we have the ability to represent images in different ways to emphasize different elements and make things more important then others. Greenfield chose very specific images in her work to give her audience a very specific message. The images she shows all have purpose and all help make her point.


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