Greenfield, “Girl Culture”

Greenfield’s work displays her opinion on how modern day society has affected younger women. She tries to convey, through photographs, the emotions and the pressure that many young women feel in our visual culture.

In relation to McCloud, she seems to accentuate color to reinforce her work. The colors of the clothes draw attention and help to convey the point she is trying to make. The colors contrast with the subtle color of skin and emphasize the relationship between the two. Clothes, fashion, and the people associated with these things have become iconic. In my opinion she uses the iconicism of the former two to compare these young women to celebrities or models. This comparison provides a stark contrast that highlights her point. On the other side of the big triangle, the photographs are very realistic and provide clear and concise evidence that gives reason to believe her thoughts and opinions. The photographs also provide the realism that is needed to show the emotions and tension on many of the girls’ faces. The relationship between the minimal text and photos seem to imply that this essay is picture specific. The photos tell the story and are much more dominant than the text. However, I think it could be argued that the text provides the story as well, and the work could be considered interdependent. Overall I feel that Greenfield’s work is extremely controversial yet very powerful, and has the ability to make an impact on the audience. 

-Matt Fremstad


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