“Girl Culture” by Lauren Greenfield

There are not many words that go along with the slideshow of images that Lauren Greenfield took. Each image in the slideshow has a short description beneath it which is straight to the point. Of all the word-picture relationships described in Scott McCloud’s book, I think that an interdependent relationship best fits this slideshow and its text. The pictures say a lot on their own, but the words tell a little bit more information about what is actually going on in each image.

The means of putting these images on display affects how people view it. There is a book with these images in it, which does not necessarily guide the viewers to look at them a certain way. They can look at the images however long they want and there is no reason why they would not be able to just skip around to various pages and look at them out of order. The online slideshow version of the images creates more of a structure for viewing of Lauren Greenfield’s work. The slideshow puts the images in a particular order and each image has a certain amount of time to be displayed. It restricts how the viewers look at the images. You are able to click on the links to certain pictures in the slideshow, but I feel that viewers would be more likely to look at them in the intended order of the slideshow more often than perusing them in their own way.

A lot of people are very selective of the images they put on display. Take Facebook for example; Facebook users usually only post images that reflect the way they want to be portrayed to others. They do not post the photos of themselves that make them look ugly or any other sort of thing that might make people like them less. The images Lauren Greenfield has in her slideshow and book on girl culture are almost a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of girls. These images that she has put on display for the world to view are not like the one’s that you would expect any Facebook user to post. I think Lauren has some really great photos to show people what really goes on in the lives of girls.


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