“Effects” of Girl Culture

These images taken by Lauren Greenfield could be seen as controversial because they portray parts of girls’ culture that is not very appropriate to the public’s eye. Even though these images are portrayed as not appropriate they inform everyone about a part of girls’ lives that is not so glamourous that people do not see often. Each picture that is displayed has a short but descriptive paragraph that gets to the point. Some of the descriptions are very self explanatory but others help in describing the image better. For example “Aya, 16, in her basement bedroom looks for an outfit to wear to school, San Francisco, California.” I remember when first looking at this picture I did not read the caption and I was a bit confused and I thought that it was perhaps a photo shoot with clothes scattered everywhere. After reading the caption I then understood the very familiar scene to most girls.

Greenfield no doubt has a collection of photos of a very unique sort, she is collecting photographs of the American Girls’ world. Most photographs today utilize cropping, retouching you name it to make the picture look better. That is not Greenfield’s mission, hers is to show people what girls really are, in the raw without unnecessary glamourous changes. These pictures also furnish evidence according to Sontag. The evidence in this case would be for instances that people hear about, or don’t that prove that scenes of the similar type occur in the real world.

I think that Lauren Greenfield’s work is very powerful. It brings to light situations that most are unaware about. I was a bit shocked at the images at first but I then realized that this is a very real thing for all young women in America.


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