Here are my preliminary thoughts for the photo essay. Thoughts and ideas are welcome!

Image Culture ☺

Homeless in Fargo

I plan on doing my essay on the homeless in Fargo. My hope with doing this project is to break stereotypes of who homeless people are, why they are there and what led them to a state of homelessness.
Visual aids:

Images of families children? Silhouette style if there are privacy concerns

Images of facilities and places to go in town

Black and White or greyscale

Stark, yet hopeful (if possible)

Dim light



Statistics on homeless in Fargo/ND along with stories of families – how they got here, what happened. Working or looking for work.


Call the homeless shelters for information or police stats.

Get an idea of where to go and what time.

Visit shelters to find people as well as photo ideas.

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