I have decided that I will be composing an analysis of The Impacts of Urban Sprawl in Fargo, ND, and its Effects upon the Inner-City Core (downtown). This photo essay should hypothetically help people to recognize some of the negative effects of Urban Sprawl, with emphasis on the abandoned downtown region. I may provide examples of positive mixed-use development near the end to back up my causal argument.

The differences of current residential design in Fargo and condensed-mixed use development is staggering. Local developers see open prairie as potential instead of raw beauty. In their attempts to create new structures on the outskirts of town, they forfeit all sense of urban design practice. This attempt at Suburbia has largely neglected the core of Fargo, or what was the core. Main Street is now the ugly sister of 13th Ave S, 25th Aveā€¦

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I am an architectural student of North Dakota State University, pursuing a Masters Degree of Architecture. This is currently my fourth year out of five. A couple of fun facts: My passtime hobbies include Biking, Frolf, Personal Design Projects, Time with the Girlfriend, and COD. I'm a current member of the Marching Band at NDSU, playing trumpet. Listen for me in the Dome! Go Bison!!

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