Alyssa’s Essay

ENG 357 photo essay Q’s


2 thoughts on “Alyssa’s Essay

  1. Interesting topic, Alyssa. Be sure to set up your essay with a paragraph or two of context–what have horse shows traditionally been, what have they become. I found an investigation of cruelty at horse shows–not sure if that is going to be relevant or not.
    Will you have time to get to a show in the next two weeks? YOu can draw on photos you already have, but I’d really like you and everyone else to take some new photos as well, put the principles to use.
    Seems like an interesting iteration of visual culture: appearance, appearance, appearance, even in horse culture.

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    In addition to my previous post:

    The horse show culture has evolved by becoming more so focused on the material aspects. People place high importance on the little things that don’t contribute to the horse’s movement. A horse should be judged on movement, self carriage and conformation alone. In today’s world, many inhumane things are done to horses to create a fake, but more appealing horse. For example, tail blocking is common in the Appaloosa industry. This is when the horse’s tail is permanently deadened, so the horse can no longer lift or move its tail. Another inhumane practice that is common in the pleasure world is tying a horse’s head up all day. This makes the horse want to carry its head low because the neck muscles are already strained and tired.
    Other overrated materialistic objects used on horses include fake tails, baby oil to give them a glow, spray paint to exaggerate markings, tack with excessive silver, and riders with elaborate show clothing.
    Can we really see a true winner under all this “stuff”? Are there any naturally beautiful horses left? Shouldn’t the “best of the best” be able to go out and win without the added accessories?

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