Greenfield Inspired

My topic I wanted to use stemmed off of Greenfield’s girl culture with how many products we use to get ready for the day. I want to get a variety of women from ages 13-50 and the products they use every morning. Some of the shots would involve arranging products to make some sort of a collage. The research I want to do would involve almost touring different bathrooms and maybe even watching a couple of people get ready in the morning and count the amount of products. I might even conduct a couple interviews or ask a serious of questions about how long it takes to get ready in the morning. I am really interested in the younger, middle school age especially because they are so young and are just getting started with this “beautification” process. I want to include some of the answers to the questions I will ask, maybe include an interesting quote from someone I observe and interview.


One thought on “Greenfield Inspired

  1. Great topic, but be sure not to get too ambitious! You might just need to start with people you have easy access to, and college students will be interesting subjects. In addition to the ideas you have mentioned, you might also explore “school day” and “Friday night” habits. And don’t neglect the scholarship that might help you. I know you know about Jean Kilbourne, but also look for scholarship that might be exactly on your topic. And Greenfiled herself is a legitimate source. I was just looking at the interviews with the girls from Edina, and they talk about how important make up is to them, but it freaks them out a bit when men think they are older than 13.

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