Photo Essay Topic

Running On Empty 

The topic I have chosen is the simple everyday gas pump culture of Fargo, ND. I would like to drive around and find as many different gas station pumps I can find and photograph them.

The photos will be clear and simple (portrait, daytime) in color.

Continuous map usage to find any and all gas stations possible and free lance research driving around the area.

The text will most likely describe the area in which it was taken, the colors used at the gas station and how it reflects the company. local companies will be preferred and how image impacts the location the photo was taken

– Casey Cotcamp


One thought on “Photo Essay Topic

  1. Casey, be sure to do a little reading on the history of the gas pump, and include historical images, if both work for you. Let me also suggest a unique delivery method: a Google Map. If you haven’t played with customized maps, you might be impressed with what you can do on a Google Map. That said, it might be harder to include an historical component, unless you can find historical photos of old gas stations! My only worry here is that contemporary gas pump culture will seem pretty homogenous. Maybe you can also do some re-touching of photos to suggest what gas pumps should look like!

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