Comparison of Living: Differences in Neighborhoods in Fargo Area

The topic that I am choosing for this photo essay is the comparison of neighborhoods in the Fargo area, focusing on the differences and appearance of the environment such as cookie cutter neighborhoods versus older developed neighborhoods with various styles of housing. For one of the older neighborhoods I would like to analyze the Roosevelt neighborhood, for a cookie cutter neighborhood I will choose one in West Fargo.

Photos that will be good for this essay could be Google Maps overhead shots of the neighborhoods comparing the layouts and flow. Also first hand pictures showing the differences in visual appearance of the neighborhoods.

Research that will be conducted for this photo essay would be the history of the cookie cutter house and why these types of developments have been increasingly common to create. More research could consist of sources why cookie cutter housing is such an “eye sore” and why architects don’t like this type of housing. Finally seeing if there are any articles about these types of developments relating to the Fargo area. 

In this photo essay I see text with photos having arrows pointing to components of photos for explanation (see diagram below). Small portions of text with information about cookie cutter housing.



One thought on “Comparison of Living: Differences in Neighborhoods in Fargo Area

  1. Great illustration! Visual communication at work. A couple of thoughts to be used or discarded:
    1. you could construct your essay in Google Maps. You can create personal maps, upload photos, write about those photos, and share your saved personal Google Map.
    2. while it will be easy enough to pick on the cookie cutter neighborhoods, I wonder if you can find beauty there too. Or, if you are interested in photoshopping photos, could you age one of the new neighborhoods? What will they look like in 20 years? 50 years? I fear that all the elm trees in my old neighborhood will be gone in 20 years and my ‘hood will look worse than the West Fargo track homes.
    3. Somebody must be writing about how cities age and grow. See if you can find sources that can put your photos in context.

    Good luck!

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