My Proposal

For my proposal, I plan to do a photo essay on the everyday lives of college students. Everyone has there own routine, but what really happens day to day. The photo essay will help people better understand what a college student goes through on a day to day basis.

What kinds of photos will I take? I plan on taking photos which chronicle college students lives throughout a day. Photos will include students walking to class, in classrooms, eating food, studying, working out in the wellness and other day to day activities which will be decided throughout my research.

For research I will talk to other college students and get a collective list of what goes on during a day by day basis.

What text will accompany the essay? For text I will describe what is going on in each photo. It will be mostly photo based as opposed to a lot of text. I may add in some interesting facts that come into play during my research if there are any. In that case the word-picture relationship will probably end up being interdependent. If I end up finding a lot of interesting facts, then additive may come into play if I end up elaborating my photos with text.



One thought on “My Proposal

  1. Matt, your second paragraph lists a lot of photos, but I’ll be direct–those photos sound a little boring. The challenge of a photo essay like this, and the challenge of any essay, is to actually find the moments of drama, tension, emotion, interest in college life. Sure, you can include some photos of walking to class, but if you want the essay to be powerful, you also need to capture the moments of stress, the tears (because they happen), the joy, the fun.

    I’d also encourage some reading about the topic. Lots and lots of books on the subject, some scholarly and insightful. I’m blanking on the author of a specific book–this anthropologist returned to school to re-experience the first-year. As soon as I remember it, I’ll share it.

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