New Essay Topic

Alyssa Langaas


What are the topics, points, and goals of your photo essay?

Topic – Dorm Life

Points – Show through photos how the common thoughts of living in a dorm

Goal – Make people think how the typical college student reacts to certain images

What kinds of photos are you taking and collecting?

Photos of the inside of the residence halls, especially routine things that college students do and recognize as part of their life

What kind of research are you conducting to inform this photo essay?

I will ask students what they think of when they hear “residence hall or dorm”

What text is likely to accompany this photo essay?  What will the word-picture relationships be?

The thoughts and words spoken when students see this certain object, building, or view


My photo essay will instead be focused on “dorm life” for the average college student.  I will go around the hall and take photos of common objects found in the hall that mean something to college students.  Every student will be able to relate to certain photos because these photos will be a common part of their every day routine, or something they see often.

College students also have dorm slang which would go along well with certain photographs.  Sometimes students run into circumstances where they constantly repeat the same sentences every week, such as “no mail again,” or “crap, where is my ID card?”  These captions will go along well with specific photos.  I want to take viewers into the minds of college students and what they are thinking of when they are living the “dorm” life.


One thought on “New Essay Topic

  1. Alyssa, this is a good topic and will be an interesting challenge. Dorms are likely difficult to photograph in–not much for natural lighting, bland colors, bad artificial lighting. You might even consider making “light” an important part of your photo essay. I’d also encourage you to ask a research question like “are dorms still a good idea?” We see that NDSU is moving to more and more apartment style living, and with a little research, I think you will find that universities around the country are rethinking dorm life. I’d encourage you to go beyond just “a day in the life of dorms” and bring a little bit of an edge, an argument, to your photo essay. Good luck!

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