personality as if it were captured on camera

My idea is as follows: I like to take picture of people mostly and as I took these pictures I was able to see that you can sometimes tell a person’s emotions, story, and personality through the picture. My idea is to take a neutral picture of about 5-6 people then interview them a little bit then get another picture with them that seems to convey their emotions and personality through different picture taking techniques, like lighting and positioning of the person in the photo. I would try to use light that really conveys their emotion and maybe put them in a scene where their personality would seem to want to be. Every picture tells 1000 words, and I wanna see if that helps us to better understand people by looking at them through pictures.


One thought on “personality as if it were captured on camera

  1. Complex idea, Davis! If someone tells you they are shy, tend to hang back, you’d photograph them in a corner, dark lit, something like that? And an extrovert might be center stage with spotlight on him or her? And the person’s interview material would accompany the photos as text? I’d encourage you to work on some storyboards to get a feel for how this might be displayed, and I’d start interviewing immediately just to see if you can really get people to open up to you, to participate. To be fair and ethical, you will need to tell them that this photoessay will be going on the web.

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