Photo Essay Topic

What I am going to focus on for my photo essay are small details of buildings that people may not notice every day. At the moment I am unsure if I am going to do the essay around Fargo or of I will take photos in my hometown. It is a choice between a city and a small town and I will make my decision once I walk around each place and see what there is to photograph.

The photos of the details themselves will most likely be close-ups. I may include some larger images showing the entire building that each detail can be found on. If there are not a whole lot of details for me to find, I may also include other types of hidden gems rather than just building details.

The type of research that I will need to conduct for this photo essay will be a lot of walking around and looking at buildings from all angles to find things to photograph. I may also research into when each building was made to include it in the text of my photo essay.

For the text portion of my photo essay I might only include a couple sentences to help the viewer know where to look for these details. I plan on having my photo be more image based than text based. The word-picture relationship that I think will be utilized for this essay will be either interdependent or additive.


One thought on “Photo Essay Topic

  1. Heather, if you think of the essay as informative, I bet you can help your readers learn a lot about the detailing on buildings. The other day, walking by South E, I noticed the intricate details on the roof line but I don’t have a great vocabulary for describing those details. I’d love to learn more about this topic from a photo essay! I can imagine an introductory paragraph or two that sets up just how important these little details have been throughout the history of architecture.

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