Photo Essay

For my photo essay, I would like to document a different type of architecture that often gets overlooked; farm buildings. There is a wide variety of these structures, each one built to serve a specific function. They may not be glamorous, but they are an important piece in American agriculture. My goal is to simply shed a little more light on their existence, purpose, and the functionality of these structures.


2 thoughts on “Photo Essay

  1. Jacob, barns are frequently photographed; you might want to analyze a book or photo essay about barns. I like the idea of additional farm buildings in your photo essay. You might want to remark upon the frequency with which barns get photographed, and explain the importance of photographing other kinds of buildings. You might include re-purposed farm buildings: my brother-in-law repurposed a corn crib–it’s now his bachelor pad. Good luck–you should be able to get some great photos but don’t overlook the importance of the text.

  2. Do you have an editorial perspective that will inform the organization of your essay? Agri-tecture is one of my favorite photography subjects, because you get a taste of so many topics within one image (history, economy, rural lifestyle, community). Often when I view these images, I get a hint from the artist regarding how they feel about the subject. An image of an abandoned, dilapidated farmhouse, photographed through the haze of a recent snowstorm has a different emotion than a recently constructed grain elevator shot on a clear, autumnal afternoon. What do you want your audience to feel about these buildings, beyond simply what they are?

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