Photo Essay Decision

For my photo essay I would like to have pictures of Duffy’s Bar in Fargo.  Duffy’s has a long history and it would be fun to document it if possible…  It’s worth a try anyway.
Steve Martz
Or maybe I could try and document the changes that are taking place around S. Fargo and West Fargo regarding all of the residential housing (apartments and single family).  This is a topic I am directly involved in already and would be one which I could offer my own input  similar to the way Rybczynski does in his essays.  I will try to find older photos of S. Fargo and West Fargo before this summer and take some of present time (I will try to only document this last building season as much as possible) and possibly try to document a house being framed in a day to day fashion.  I could also compare these neighborhoods with the stagnant residential neighborhoods of North Fargo. This essay will certainly be moment to moment however the length of the moments and their order may vary significantly.  My knowledge of the construction industry and all the contacts I have within will serve as the basis for any research regarding their process and any historical research will be directed toward the internet and any published print source I can find relevant to my topic.   The pace of change in the developments around S. Fargo and West Fargo is mind boggling even to me after fifteen years working in the trades.


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