Matt Fremstad

How might remix be relevant to your specific field?

In regards to “RIP: A Remix Manifesto,” I think that remixes and or mash-ups are incredibly relevant to architecture. Every building or structure built today is based on techniques, methods, and styles from the past. These pieces (ex: windows, walls, doors) are just arranged in a slightly different arrangement. In my mind, this view of architecture makes it extremely similar to the processes of Girl Talk’s compositions.  


What elements of RIP might you use?

                I am not completely sure of the specific elements I would use. However, I definitely have a few overarching ideas from RIP that I may use. The “Remix Manifesto,” explains, more clearly, what a remix usually consists of. It seems as if most are extremely fast paced, loud, rebellious, and have a spirit of youth to them. They attempt to stick out rather than…

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