This photo essay is a googlemaps custom map, illustrating some of the wonderful parks in Fargo, ND, in the Autumn. These parks are some of the places I typically visit with my girlfriend Jessica, and I think it’s safe to say it’s one of our favorite things to do!

Originally, this essay was going to be a discussion between negative urban expansion in Fargo and its effect on the urban core. I abandoned this topic for a brief break from architecture. My topic of interest then became Dating Fargo’s Parks. Of course, after taking half of my required pictures, fates aligned and I received crappy weather, to the point where photo options were bleak. I made a split-second decision to switch to Dating Fargo’s Parks: Autumn Edition. It’s a slightly narrower topic that works much better with my photographs. All it took was a little bit of narrative editing and…

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About matthewweiss2

I am an architectural student of North Dakota State University, pursuing a Masters Degree of Architecture. This is currently my fourth year out of five. A couple of fun facts: My passtime hobbies include Biking, Frolf, Personal Design Projects, Time with the Girlfriend, and COD. I'm a current member of the Marching Band at NDSU, playing trumpet. Listen for me in the Dome! Go Bison!!

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