Alyssa – RIP: A Remix Manifesto

RIP: A Remix Manifesto proved to be a movie that really makes people think about their limitations with creativity. I think remixing songs is something people should be allowed to do. Today the music industry does a lot of repetition of songs and themes. This constant repetition causes people to become bored with new songs, but remixing allows for new creations of old music. Girl Talk was trying to make people excited about their work and it was working. Remixed songs bring a new twist on music and it keeps people involved. Although some might believe remixing causes copyright issues, I think remixing is just another form of art that creates something new. Culture does build on the past, but in order for society to do that they need to be allowed to show their creativity. However, copyright laws and companies are overly protective of their work; this causes problems with what songs can be used. I’m not sure where the future of remixing is going, but hopefully it can continue.
I’m not sure how I’ll relate RIP to my project. I’m not as high-tech as the movie was but hopefully I can work in some new musical remix. I also hope to add in images and video footage that goes along with the music.


One thought on “Alyssa – RIP: A Remix Manifesto

  1. Before you have to worry about software, Alyssa, just keep thinking about what you want your remix to be, what you want it to do and say, and then think about what materials you will need to make it. When you are ready to go, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie can handled audio, video, and text remixing, or you can try to get more elaborate audio remixing with Audacity and more elaborate text and typography work with Illustrator.

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