Response to Remix Nation

For my response to the Remix Nation, I thought I would pull up my previous post I did as part of an essay on the subject.

Larry Lessig has become someone who I admire a great deal and also has a few parts in the movie. In my field, I think that we can see the future building on the past a great deal.

Early on in software development and programming, the concept of “open source” was introduced. Since the “past” is “free” the future is inherently freer than in other industries. Literally millions of scripts, graphic designs,  and themes (including this one) are all offered for free. We can then manipulate them to meet either our personal needs, or that of the client. Even applications begin with a framework from which to build upon. Ultimately, this fosters a sense of community that instead of hiding proprietary secrets, shares what they have discovered which results in better products in future iterations.

Anyways, here is an expanded analysis of the “Remixer’s Manifesto”


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