RiP: Response

RiP was a very interesting and entertaining video, and I enjoyed watching it. I then have to wonder what it is that makes it so catchy…

It certainly isn’t an easy question. The fact of the matter is that most art forms of this generation have some sort of remix to them. You look at music, and nothing’s completely original. You look at modern art and nothing’s “normal.” You look at memes and they all typically consist of three separate elements, unrelated and new. It seems that no art forms follow the norm these days. RiP is a response for one of these emerging art forms, and therefore can tie into the other art forms, including architecture, which I’ve chosen as my field. Though there aren’t any instances in my case where I’ve dealt with copyright laws, I can imagine that there will be a time in my life where I’m either tempted or guilty of copying the design of another for a profit or a grade. The funny thing is, none of my designs are unique (in totality). They’re original in terms of physical properties, but they’re similar to designs which I hold in high respect. Is this against the law? Certainly not in architecture. There seems to be a much stricter policy on music.

I’m not a computer genius, never was and never will be. I’m sure I’ll find this project both demoralizing and painful. If I could use all of the technologies prevalent in RiP, I would. I’m really fascinated in the creativity in this film, and also Star Wars Uncut, which I’ve known of for a year now. It seems that the simplest animations are the ones that stand out best, and perhaps this can be my technologically saving grace.

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I am an architectural student of North Dakota State University, pursuing a Masters Degree of Architecture. This is currently my fourth year out of five. A couple of fun facts: My passtime hobbies include Biking, Frolf, Personal Design Projects, Time with the Girlfriend, and COD. I'm a current member of the Marching Band at NDSU, playing trumpet. Listen for me in the Dome! Go Bison!!

2 thoughts on “RiP: Response

  1. Interesting point about simple remixes being powerful. The key to a good remix certainly isn’t about the number of elements remixed, but about the effective and interesting collision of two or more items.

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