Alicia J. Brackel

Remixing is an interesting topic.  Remixing can be a good way to expand your creativity.  It is taking things from someone else and making it your own.  When making any form of art, we often take ideas from someone else, whether we admit it or not.  We are continually looking at ideas from others and either rejecting or accepting those ideas.  Those ideas from others influence the way we make art.  Remixing is a form of that.  When remixing, however, we should acknowledge the original things that we remixed.

At first it may seem like remixing has nothing to do with architecture, but that is not the case.  When designing, we often look to other buildings for inspiration.  We take bits and pieces of other buildings and change it to fit our building.  We can learn what works and what does not work from other buildings.  Designing architecture is a…

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