Russian Futurists – Telegram from the Future

The Russian Futurists is a most interesting style of lo-fi, indie pop. I think of it as a type of heavily used commercial music, Like an alternative disco, something that you would see in advertisements. The video “Telegram from the Future” takes an old 1956 promotional film and pairs it up with some of the Russian Futurists own music. Its interesting because if there was no video to this music you could almost imagine a modernist approach based on the style of music being played, yet being that the video is from 1956 it’s nothing short of what you may expect from the type of music being played. The video is very art-deco, using a lot of futuristic products and lots of chrome which implies a clean spaceship-like feel. The song is uplifting and the video shows a woman with plenty of enthusiasm, using these ‘products’ is a happy and friendly way, like saying “Hey everyone look! If I can use these products and they are fun then the rest of the world will use them too!”. No one likes change and the impression from the video is letting people know that it is ok to try new things.

Scott Mcloud’s readings have taught us that having things like word-picture relationships is one way to view items in the world around us and this video/audio is no exception. On their own you can have your own interpretation about both the audio and the video but since we are immediately influenced by the sound played along with the video it makes it hard to develop our own creativity and thoughts about the video.

Russian Futurists – Telegram from the Future:

After some research I found the Original 1956 Promotional Film viewed here:  but view the Russian Futurists video first


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