Alicia J. Brackel

“DJ Spooky-Ibid” is a video uploaded to Youtube by heshter.  It combines audio by DJ Spooky with various videos. The videos range from realistic videos to iconic, cartoon videos.  Many of the realistic video are altered in some way or added to by overlaying other graphics.  For example, the video opens with a clip of traffic.  On top of the traffic is a thick black line that follows the road.  An example of an iconic video used is a clip from Tom and Jerry.  Juxtaposing various types of videos together makes the video abstract.

In the same way various types of video work together, various instruments with different parts work together.  The audio starts with the sound of traffic.  Percussion is first added to the sound, followed by other instruments.  Sound is built up in the same way some of the videos are built up.  Music parts are…

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