Though I was gone on Friday, I presume this is what I’m supposed to be doing, following the cues everybody else has posted on the blog.

Mister Rogers Remixed is a strong mix of what I would assume is iconicism and realism. The video is a simple collaboration of clips from episodes of the old TV show, which is a fairly simple arrangement, remixed to go along with the music, which is also from the same sequence of clips as the video. It is very realistic, because it doesn’t stray away from the topic whatsoever. It also seems iconic because of the popularity of the topic.

Though I was gone for the discussion of how to delineate between iconicism, realism, and abstraction in video remixes, I assume it has no abstraction, as it makes perfect sense to me. It’s very straightforward, doesn’t stray or use any metaphors, and uses…

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I am an architectural student of North Dakota State University, pursuing a Masters Degree of Architecture. This is currently my fourth year out of five. A couple of fun facts: My passtime hobbies include Biking, Frolf, Personal Design Projects, Time with the Girlfriend, and COD. I'm a current member of the Marching Band at NDSU, playing trumpet. Listen for me in the Dome! Go Bison!!

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