Russian Futurists – Lets Get Ready to Crumble

I watched a remix video that used the Russian Futurists song “lets get ready to crumble.” I think the video was trying to show how the world is starting to crumble because of our advancing technologies. Electricity, factories, infrastructure and machines will eventually blow up and the entire world will end. I’m not sure what the random guy was doing in the film, or why he was carrying around piping material. Maybe he’s trying to prevent something from happening, or fix a current problem, but he appeared to be too late.
I thought this remix was very abstract and would fit into the upper part of McCloud’s triangle. The video is very picture specific because one has to pay close attention to the video to understand what is going on; I had to watch it multiple times because the footage is extremely abstract. The title seemed to be the only significant words that added to the overall meaning, especially when explosions occurred this reinforced the idea of the world crumbling.


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