Heather Weaver

This remix video only uses two sources to create the final product. The first source is a recent video of the Trololo Guy who is big in pop culture. The second source is footage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.Being a big Harry Potter fan as well as a fan of Trololo Guy, I find this remix very entertaining.

There are no words in this video so there isn’t any word-picture relationship for me to analyze. There is a sound-picture relationship though. If I were to pick a category for the sound-picture relationship it would be interdependent. If you were to watch the video without sound you wouldn’t be able to tell what Voldemort is doing or saying, but once you add in the sound it is very clear. I don;t think the relationship would be parallel at all even though the sound is completely different than…

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