Rough Analysis

-matt fremstad

Unpopular: The Controversy of Remix

The Youtube video, “Upular (Pixar Remix)” is a remix using clips from the Pixar film, “Up” to create an audio-visual relationship. The remix was created in 2009 by Nick Bertke of Bertke has also done other remixes as well, many of them originating from Disney animated movies. However, this video takes clips from only from one source, which is potentially risking obvious copyright infringement. It is curious though, that his videos have not been taken down from either youtube or his website. In contrast, the viewing experience of the remix is light hearted and enjoyable to watch. The colors and the music accompany each other well and allow the remix to be successful. Throughout this analysis, I will use the techniques and methods of Scott McCloud and our homemade remix checklist to analyze the composition.

Scott McCloud has many different terms and methods of understanding visual language. He uses the big triangle to describe whether a composition is realistic, abstract, or iconic. It appears to me that the visual in the remix could be considered iconic while the music abstract. The video uses clips straight from “UP” that approach a degree of realism at times. However, overall I think the graphics in the film are not attempting to be realistic rather than simply representational. This would therefore classify the images as iconic. The music on the other hand sounds to be more abstract. It is not really an instrument that most people are very familiar with yet, being snippets from the human voice. Thus this unfamiliarity would constitute the music as abstract. The colors also seem to indirectly play a large factor within the video. I think that they relate well to the tone and rhythm of the music. Although the colors have not been altered from “Up,” the sound created by the remixer accompanies the vibrant colors well. Both the color and the music create a relationship together that creates an overall feeling of cheerfulness and lightheartedness.

The remix as a whole brings up many questions. When categorizing the video, I am not sure if it belongs underneath any of the “traditions” that we discussed in class. Although, it could possibly be considered under the experimental tradition, I think it was created more for entertainment purposes rather than exploratory purposes. Perhaps the most interesting fact is that all of the samples of audio and in video in this remix originate from one source. Most remixers would consider this to be a “no-no” as this could easily be called out for infringing on copyright laws. All of the clips are also kept in their original format, and are simply mashed together to create something different. However, it does seem as the audio has been altered or transformed in someone. The tones created, seem to have an auto-tune effect to them, and it is quite obvious that the sound playing is not from the particular scene shown.

The three main elements of the remix…..



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