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J’adore Juin- Fan Video: Remix of Two Elements

The collaboration among artists leads to the creation of wonderful modern art. Video Remixes, or the combination of segments of related or unrelated film typically overlaid with music, combine the talent and creativity of a past idiom with the new voices of emerging artists searching for a topic to build on. This theory of “building on the past to create something new” is evident in “J’adore Juin- Fan Video.”

Nick Bertke (1988), known primarily by his stage name Pogo, has been working in the electronic music medium since 2007, after his completion of Alice (which currently has 10,103,706 views on YouTube). His work relies upon the use of small clips of a selected video, mixed together in a catchy arrangement to form an entirely new song. Recently inducted upon the internet via and YouTube, Bertke’s track “J’adore Juin” (meaning “I love…

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I am an architectural student of North Dakota State University, pursuing a Masters Degree of Architecture. This is currently my fourth year out of five. A couple of fun facts: My passtime hobbies include Biking, Frolf, Personal Design Projects, Time with the Girlfriend, and COD. I'm a current member of the Marching Band at NDSU, playing trumpet. Listen for me in the Dome! Go Bison!!

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