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Alicia J. Brackel

“The Dream is Collapsing” is a political remix video that focuses on experimentation in remixing pop culture with political topics. Political remix videos select fragments from popular culture, the news media, Hollywood films, etc., and remix them to say something critical about the repurposed sources specifically and current events more broadly (Zaccaria, 2011). The video features multiple clips from a variety of movies including Black Hawk Down and War of Worlds and pairs them with the song “The Dream is Collapsing.” These clips have various subjects, ranging from traffic scenes to war scenes to the collapse of buildings. All of the clips, however, are strung together to show the negative aspects of American society today. The clips in “The Dream is Collapsing” are arranged effectively to tell the story of how the “American Dream” is collapsing.

“The Dream is Collapsing” was directed and edited by Diran Lyons. Stephen Mears co-wrote…

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