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The Movies: A Sensory Overload

Movies are, and have been since they were first being made in the early 1900s, a very iconic part of our culture. Movies have defined decades and even generations and you would be very hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t have at least one favorite movie. That is also one question that people have a hard time answering; “what is your favorite movie?” We all have movies and genres of movies that we like, but it seems impossible to narrow it down to just one. has polled many of its users and asked them what they think the top 250 films of all time should be. IMDb has been able to make a list using these results that not everyone will agree with, but still has a ton of good movies that most people will not argue with being on this list. Now a man named Jonathan Keogh thought it would be a good idea to take at least a snapshot, but all the way to whole lines, from each movie and put them into one 3 minute YouTube video, and used a mashup song by DJ Faroff to provide background to the video.


The video starts out with a quick explanation while “Jump Around” by House of Pain begins to play. Keogh explains that this is IMDb’s top 250 films in two and a half minutes, plus 53 movies he threw in himself. From there, it goes pretty fast showing quick one second clips of iconic scenes from iconic movies. All this is happening while a mix of House of Pain, The Beatles, Joan Jett, and Cypress Hill plays in the background. The song is interrupted every now and then by lines from the movies that are being shown, generally lines that are quite famous from these movies, such as, “Run Forrest, Run,” “You can’t handle the truth,” and “I fart in your general direction.” These are all very well interlaced with the song and almost seem to be a part of the mixed and mashed song. The video is a major sensory overload, but one can still make out the various movies being shown, mostly due to the iconic nature of a lot of the movies shown.

McCloud’s Triangle

The cut rate of this remix is incredibly fast with a new scene from the movie coming at you at least every second if not faster at points. Because of this it makes it incredibly difficult for one to completely discern where on McCloud’s triangle this video remix should fall. The first part that anyone can see is that each of these movies is realistic (with the exception of a few animated films mixed in) and that would be where it would initially fall, if there were no more research into it past that. Looking at it through the eye of a person who knows quite a bit about movies and has seen a vast majority of the films on the top 250 films, it definitely starts to take more of an iconic approach on the McCloud triangle. Each of the scenes that were put in this remix is from movies that have been very famous and many people have seen, or at least heard of. Each scene he also puts in there happens to be very iconic towards that specific movie, movie this remix toward the iconic side once again. Also to go with almost every movie after the invention on sound in movies, is the sound. They have interlaced music and famous movie lines to make the remix even more special. The movie lines are definitely once again more iconic. They tend to be lines from these movies that also define and are very iconic towards the film. The iconicism of this remix is then pushed even further. Mix that in with a remixed song that has put together four very iconic songs from different time periods, you then get a video remix that has combined many different iconic parts of culture into one three minute video remix where most people will recognize at least one aspect, if not all, of the films and songs that they are from.

Audio-Video Relationship

Like most videos, this video relies a little bit more on the video aspect of the remix than the audio portion of the remix. They are both still very important though, pretty much the same as any video would be and is. They incorporate a broad mix of videos into this three-minute video, all of which are very short and sweet, but take up a lot of a person’s senses. Layer over that a sound that is a mixture of four famous songs remixed into one and various famous movie lines interspersed into that and it accounts for a video that effectively remixes all of the key aspects of movie culture into one. Movies have always been mixing music into different ways and incorporating the music and sounds into a film that people enjoy watching and sometimes don’t even notice all these various aspects mixed in. This video tends to bring to light these various aspects that are sometimes missed by the casual movie viewer and show us all the work that goes into movies all remixed into one short and easy to watch film that also tends to overload our sense pretty fast.


Editing Process

As talked about before, the cut rate of this film is very fast. The editor made it so at least one new film is on the screen every second, if not faster than that at points. All the material comes from the movies that are in the top 250 movies plus 53 movies that the editor decided to add in himself. One can only assume that each of these movies is copyrighted and use of them would against copyright law, but the fact that only one second or less of each film is shown during the entire remix makes one think that he could probably get away with it, because of the shortness of the samples. The samples also don’t appear to be altered in any way either, having watched the films at least they seem to be in their original quality, lighting and color. The only point during the remix where there is a little bit of transformation of the films is when he puts up two films at once, then goes to four, and eventually goes to sixteen movies on the screen at one time. The main concern with the editing of this film is the feat that he takes on and what one would almost expect going into the watching of this video, is that there may be a little bit of a sensory overload throughout the entire video. With the fact that there are 303 films being shown in the matter of 173 seconds, it is almost unfathomable the amount of changes and movies that are shown on the screen. Also with the sounds of the movies and the remixed song in the background it almost seems an impossible feat to pay attention at all during the three minute video. Surprisingly though, one can still pick out a lot of the movie samples that are remixed into this video, and can almost instantly tell which movie they are watching. The editor of this film does a great job of making all the films have a part in the remix, but still being recognizable, and the movie is definitely not as overbearing as one might think.


Overall I really like the video and watched it quite a few times, and showed a lot of my movie buff friends. They do a great job of putting very iconic scenes from movies, and the various iconic lines, really brings the nostalgia of the movies and makes one remember the great times they had watching these various, yet very good, films. The sensory overload bit is a little overwhelming at first, but in the end all it made me do was watch the video ten times rather than once or twice. The editor does a great job of incorporating everything that a movie is culturally and also puts in various other aspects of culture all into one compact video. I rather enjoyed the video and give major credit to both the video editor and the remix artist that made the song.


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