My video remix analysis.


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Introduction. The remix video that I chose to look at is found on YouTube and is called “ICONIC/IRONIC aka Marilyn Monroe vs. Lana Del Rey”. The video was uploaded by an account named wreckandsalvage, who has uploaded 174 videos with a total around 2.3 million views collectively. Two videos that this account has uploaded have been featured on the well-known video remix blog Political Remix Video whose intent as a site is listed on their “About” page as this:

                This website aims to showcase some of the best, most innovative and inspiring examples of political remix video on the net. As part of our editorial policy we do not post videos created to explicitly support a particular Political Party or political candidate. We also will not post videos containing any form of hate speech, sexism, racism, classism or homophobia.

The particular video that I am looking at was…

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