My mashup advocating for marriage equality.

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Our nation has grown and changed considerably since the Constitution was pinned and  while the wording in the original founding documents spoke of equality and freedom for all, all but a handful of elite groups have had to fight for their own personal freedoms in one way or another. Throughout our history, humans were once owned and traded as property, women refused the right to vote or earn a comprable rate of pay, Asians rounded up in camps and African Americans treated as second-class citizens behind the rouse of  a ‘separate but equal’ mantra. Countless minority groups have suffered discrimination at the hands of the majority, each forced into action to enact change.The most recent group beginning the fight for their rights are the LGBT community.

Homosexuality was once thought of as a disease that one could catch, and consequently, be cured of. While most of these theories have been debunked, there…

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