Majchrzak’s Portfolio

Here is the link to my finished and final portfolio. I had a great deal of trouble setting up the children and parents, and also embedding my issuu links into my blog. I gave it many tries but came what I have in the link, I still think it is easy to read and scroll down and find everything you are looking for. Comment if you like.


Animals and Humans


I wanted to make a video that explores the concept of how humans and animals can act in very similar ways when it comes to group pressure. When one person jumps in, others start jumping in as well. I made a montage of random clips from groups rioting or getting in fights, to the soundtrack of animals fighting from a national geographic video. It was not meant to only be humorous or completely serious, You can take it how ever you want, I just simply made this video for fun and for the assignment.

Street Art Proposal

Street art has recently become very popular over the last decade through the big names of Shepard Fairey, Saber, Banksy and many other artists. Typical artists like to do their art on canvas or paper, because it is a nice easy to surface to draw or paint on.What these street artists use are sides of walls, shipping containers on trains and various other places and I want to explore more into the beauty that these artists do in the streets of Fargo. All of us drive or walk by this artwork without taking the time to appreciate some of the work they do. I want to give appreciation to the local artists that spend their loitering days around abandoned buildings and parked trains and illustrate that art can come in so many ways. I will show pictures of walls full of graffiti to even the artwork where it is just simply a quote that catches our imagination. I think it would cool if I had some time myself to do some quick street art myself and really put myself in the shoes of these artists. I know Fargo does not have the awesome Banksy artwork that everyone loves so much but I want to show Fargo for what it is. Who knows, maybe I will find more artwork than I intend to which I hope happens through this investigation. My goal by the end of this photo essay is to show that art comes in all forms, and from all people. Even that art can change how we are as people in a community.