Redefining the corner office: How Technology has changed The Definition of the Work Place


I want to look at the definition of what we normally view as the desk we work at and how through the use of technology we have been able to turn a coffee shop, park bench, and other spaces normally not associated with work space into work spaces.


Visual Culture and Language on Pinterest

I wanted to share some images with you, but I didn’t want to make a powerpoint.  I considered Prezi; I could always use Flickr; you probably don’t want to see my Facebook page, so I went with Pinterest. You will have to chose how you are going to share photos, too.

via Visual Culture and Language.

Image Manipulation and Ethics in a Digital-Visual World

Image Manipulation and Ethics in a Digital-Visual World.

This academic essay written primarily for teachers, is an excellent model of academic analysis and a fascinating account of image manipulation.  You will need to consider the possibility that the photo essay you analyze has employed image manipulation; you will need to consider whether that manipulation was ethical or not.  As you construct your photo essay, you will need to consider whether you can or should manipulate a photo, and for what purpose.