Moment to Moment + Scene to Scene timeline

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Today in class, students asked great questions about Scott McCloud’s six types of closure and how they apply to timeline.� Adam specifically asked for an example of a timeline that might be “moment to moment” and the image linked here seems pretty good–it shows the ABC Friday night schedule from 8 pm to 9:30 pm.� The timeline, however, cleverly combines the moment to moment with a scene to scene scale: yearly, fall and spring, 1988 to 2000.�

The McCloud vocabularly is flexible, which can be a point of frustration sometimes, but also a source of creative analysis.� Our goal is to be able to describe how a piece of visual communication is working, and using McCloud’s visual language is one way to help us do that.�

via Moment to Moment + Scene to Scene timeline.


Scott McCloud on comics | Video on

Scott McCloud on comics | Video on

Scott delivered a version of this talk at NDSU in about 2008. The talk is  a great example of visual communication, and he illustrates, through biography, what the scientific mind can produce when it applies itself to art.